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It’s Been A Very Good Year

2014 has brought us some amazing times at The 1896 and Primate Props.  From the yet released movie with Seth Rogen, James Franco, Anthony Mackie and Lizzy Caplan; to television’s Blacklist, National Geographic and Forever; to campaigns for Isopure, DKNY, Under Armour and Reebok; to music videos by Interpol, The Black Keys and Estelle; to amazing shoots for Interview, Harpers Bazaar, Esquire, Elle and Vanity Fair (just to name a few)…we had a ball!

As 2015 draws nearer we look forward to more epic photo and film shoots….and as always we welcome events into our busy schedule.  Whether it was a full house with Urban Daddy/Porsche, Lyft, Guinness or Coors – or creativity was the focus at the NEWD Art Fair – or a happy couple was tying the knot – events, weddings and parties have been an exciting part of life at the 1896.

Pro tip:  slower months like April and August are perfect for booking events.  Email us for information!


The 1896


Reebok teams with Tribe NYC at the 1896

As Reebok says, ‘Tribe NYC is a talented group from New York that embraces the culture, art and fashion of the late 80’s and early 90’s like no other group we’ve met. They dance, they sing, the model, they act, they love Reebok… and they do it all with the most positive of attitudes.’  Their shoot here with photographer Danielle Levitt was an incredibly good time!  Check out the video here.  More pics to come – we can’t wait!


The 1896 hosts the 2014 Patina Roller Jam!

Get ready to be jealous!  The 1896 hosted Patina‘s infamous Roller Jam 2014 and their new collaboration with The Color Condition – complete with Robertas making pizza in our courtyard, a Cool Haus ice cream truck in Area 3, tattoos from Greenpoint Tattoo and Tattly, photobooths, polaroids and of course ROLLERSKATING!  Photos by Chellise Michael Photography.Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography-1106Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography-1078Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography-1157Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography-1070



Primate Prop Feature #1: Pink Rococo Sofa!

Can you see it?  “Girl distraught after a fire in a mess of ashes and debris” …”Girl found in an abandoned building after running away from her controlling family” …”Girl dressed in amazing outfit (dirty and ripped, no doubt) seeks shelter during a terrible storm in the town’s haunted mansion” …only to be discovered on a similarly styled sofa, being that it’s lived there it’s entire lifetime.  Still an elegant period piece, time has only been good to our Pink Rococo Sofa, distressed just enough and torn just a little, exuding that “worn-beauty” effect.  Look at those arms just rolling open to welcome you, and the little legs leaving just enough room for the mice to scurry, and of course the sofa’s strong and detailed back (just like the one on our damsel having survived sleep on the flimsy, unsupportive cushions).  Smudge some black eyeshadow on her cheeks, sit her on this one and I promise, your whimsical warehouse dreams will come to life.




Yoncé y’all

Beyoncé dropped her new album while no one was looking and we couldn’t be happier!  The Queen B filmed her video for Yoncé here in August and we’ve been waiting patiently ever since. Watching Beyoncé, Joan Smalls, Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn makes it almost feel like the summer again here…STEAMY!




Primate Props in Vogue Italia!

What a beautiful Vogue Italia video featuring some of our favorite props like those original, now perfectly aged and rusted, A-Train doors.  Makes us blissfully happy to know our pieces are being manipulated into even more gorgeous works of art by artists such as Steven Meisel and Gordon Von Steiner.  Watch the Brooklyn Dandies video here… Vogue Italia + Primate Props

Thank you to Mary Howard Studios and Art + Commerce.


Bik Bok + Olsen girls Collaboration

Bikbok by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – The Second Collection

How about this new video that showed up on our radar!  Two of the three fall collections curated by those talented, fashion icon Olsen girls for the very popular Norwegian brand Bik Bok, was shot at our place this past summer.  Selling like hotcakes, the fall line is very successful (and affordable!) and we’re happy to be a part of it!  Welcome back anytime.  You too, photographer Steven Pan!



This month the 1896 has  hosted some amazing events including most recently the Red Bull Curates NYC  Event – celebrating some of the most innovative contemporary artists in NYC as they turn their eye-catching designs into canvas-wrapped Red Bull coolers.  A wood-fired pizza oven from Park Luncheonette and DJs fueled a crowd as they voted 2 artists through to participate in a group exhibition in Miami during the 2013 Art Basel Season.

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