The 1896 hosts the 2014 Patina Roller Jam!

Get ready to be jealous!  The 1896 hosted Patina‘s infamous Roller Jam 2014 and their new collaboration with The Color Condition – complete with Robertas making pizza in our courtyard, a Cool Haus ice cream truck in Area 3, tattoos from Greenpoint Tattoo and Tattly, photobooths, polaroids and of course ROLLERSKATING!  Photos by Chellise Michael Photography.Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography-1106Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography-1078Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography-1157Patina_Roller_Jam_Chellise_Michael_Photography-1070