Primate Prop Feature #1: Pink Rococo Sofa!

Can you see it?  “Girl distraught after a fire in a mess of ashes and debris” …”Girl found in an abandoned building after running away from her controlling family” …”Girl dressed in amazing outfit (dirty and ripped, no doubt) seeks shelter during a terrible storm in the town’s haunted mansion” …only to be discovered on a similarly styled sofa, being that it’s lived there it’s entire lifetime.  Still an elegant period piece, time has only been good to our Pink Rococo Sofa, distressed just enough and torn just a little, exuding that “worn-beauty” effect.  Look at those arms just rolling open to welcome you, and the little legs leaving just enough room for the mice to scurry, and of course the sofa’s strong and detailed back (just like the one on our damsel having survived sleep on the flimsy, unsupportive cushions).  Smudge some black eyeshadow on her cheeks, sit her on this one and I promise, your whimsical warehouse dreams will come to life.