• General Rental Inquiries

  • What is included in the location fee?

    In most cases your rental includes power, heat, a hair and makeup station/room and stage manager. You are responsible for securing your own catering and rental needs from outside vendors.  We are happy to put you in touch with our favorite vendors. Holding, catering, hair and makeup, and green room are all housed within your rental space.

  • What are your rates?

    Your rate depends on crew size, length and number of days and areas rented.  It is also dependent on whether you are a photo shoot, video/film, or an event. Please let us know this information so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

    At the 1896 all spaces rent separately (this allows us to accommodate lower budget shoots that can’t afford to rent our our whole building).  We do allow for a-la-carte rentals of separate spaces by the hour, so if your photographer wants to get a shot or two on the Roof while you shoot in Area 3, for example, that is often possible.

  • How do I schedule an appointment to view the space?

    Email or call our office to arrange a scout.  Office hours are Monday through Friday from 10am-6pm.

  • What are your shooting hours? Can we do an overnight shoot/event?

    Our “regular” hours are from 8am to 8pm. However, we do allow for early/late hours with an additional fee.

  • Which entrance should crew/talent use?

    Most shoots use our stage entrance at 215 Ingraham, between Gardner and Stewart.  Unless we have specifically told you otherwise please use this entrance.

  • What is the parking situation?

    We do not have a parking lot at the 1896.  You have the choice of finding street parking or permitting with the mayor’s office.  We are located in an industrial area and street parking is easiest early mornings, nights, and weekends.  On shoot days we do our best to block the length of our building on Ingraham (approximately 4 or 5 car lengths) and you are welcome to block our roll gates once you have loaded in.

  • Do you host weddings or other events?

    The 1896 does occasionally host events!

    Our event pricing is usually for a 14hr rental, which includes all set up and break down time.  We have two indoor and one outside area, and you may rent one space or a combination of spaces.

    Primarily we are a shooting location for film/television/photo – so events fit into our schedule when we have room or a slow month.  Events that work best are short notice events or full paying (no discount) which are easier to plan slightly further in advance.

    We are pleased to now host weddings at The 1896!  Looking forward to more…

  • The Details Of Our Space

  • Can the skylights be blocked?

    Area 2: These skylights are easy to block.  It takes 15 mins, and we have the tarps and the clamps.  There is no charge.

    Area 3: These skylights are generally blocked from the inside using a scissor-lift or occasionally from the outside (weather permitting).  Clients may rent materials from us ($150, plus gaffer’s tape  @ $25/roll), and either use their own labor or hire someone on our staff ($500) to do the physical blocking.  If you are blocking from the inside we can help arrange the rental of a 32′ scissor lift for you.  If it is raining or snowing we must block from the inside with a lift.   In some cases we can have it ready for you by the time your shoot begins – depending on your start time, whether we have a shoot the night before, and how many days you rent the lift for.

    Costs for us to block Area 3 (takes 2-3 hrs):
    Inside for 1 day shoot: $650 + 1 day 32′ lift rental
    For 2 or more days:  $650 + week 32′ lift rental
    Outside, when permitted: $650

  • Do you have wifi?

    Yes, we have wifi throughout the building.

    Network:  the 1896

    Password: studiosandstages

  • Can we record sound?

    We are not a “sound stage” however people often record sound at the 1896.  Please let the studio manager know ahead of time that you are recording sound so that we can book other shoots accordingly and advise you on the best times to record.

  • Can the floors be polished?

    You can polish the floors if, and only if, you use our recommended product. We have photos if necessary.  All polishing must be ok’d by 1896 staff.


  • Can I paint the walls or floors?

    Within Area 3, Area 2 and the Courtyard we don’t usually allow painting, as the walls have all been scenic’d and our floors are exactly as we like them – but there are some things you can do with Tempra mixed with dish soap in those spaces.  All painting must be ok’d by 1896 staff.  If ok’d, the paint must be pressure washed off before the end of the shoot – preparation and restoration of the walls happens within your rental time.

    You may paint the walls of the ‘flex space’ if they are returned to white at the end of shoot within your rental time – you also pay our labor to restore these walls for you.

  • Can I drive a vehicle onto the stages?

    Yes.  Area 3, Area 2 and the Courtyard are ground level and accessible through roll gates.  We just ask that you protect the floors from oil drips and tire marks.

  • Can we wet the floors?

    Yes. There are spigots in Area 3, Area 2 and the Courtyard.

  • Power/Equipment Details

  • What is your power situation?

    Each interior stage (Area 2 as well as Area 3) has a CAMLOK box with 300 amps of power (rated 450 amps) – male and female, three phase.  Each leg is 150 amps max.  Distro boxes are available at an additional cost and should be ordered in advance if needed.

    If shooting in both interior stages, or if the other stage is unrented during your stay, you are welcome to utilize both CAMLOK boxes (totaling 600 amps of power).

    In addition we have 110 outlets throughout our spaces, and three individual 30 amp lines.

    Please consult if you need 220v power.

    Please inquire if additional power is required.

  • Do you have EQ in house?

    We’d love to help you with your EQ order!

    Please be advised, The 1896 has exclusivity agreements with Root and Eastern Effects.  For equipment rentals via these companies please contact The 1896 first to place your order.  All communication regarding equipment rates must occur via The 1896 staff. 

    We have a “neighboring” EQ business Set Lighting that is located within the same building as the 1896.  Set Lighting provides our clients with several of the same conveniences as an ‘in-house’ lighting vendor, such as:

    • An EQ house just a few steps away from the 1896.
    • No delivery charges on EQ provided by Set Lighting to the 1896.
    • A team thoroughly familiar with the 1896’s electrical & CAMLOK system.
    • Convenient and, more importantly, quick ‘day-of’ additions to your EQ order.
    • Your order, including any sub-rentals, managed by a gaffer, the owner of Set Lighting, Atsushi Takaoka.
  • Do you have a scissor lift?

    We do not have a lift in-house but we arrange for the rental of one when necessary.  The costs are as follows:

    • 19′ lift – Suitable to reach the beams in Area 2:
      $545 + tax for one day including delivery
      $689 + tax for two or more days (week rental) including delivery
    • 26’ lift
      $713 + tax for one day including delivery
    • 32′  lift – Suitable to block the skylights in Area 3:
      $713 + tax for one day including delivery
      $1,064 + tax for two or more days (week rental) including delivery
  • Do you have props to rent?

    We have an extensive prop collection that fits with our unique aesthetic, as well as flats and jacks. Please refer to the Primate Props website for specific items and contact us for pricing: www.primateprops.com.

  • What expendables do you have?

    We have tables, chairs, clothing racks/hangers, steamers, irons/boards, sandbags etc. Please include these items in your order when booking a space.
    Pricing is available upon request.

  • Our Recommendations

  • What are the best catering recommendations?

    A few of our favorites are:

    Radish Catering

    Brooklyn Taco


    Urban Rustic

  • What are good car services that serve the 1896?

    Northside:  718.387.2222
    Metropolitan:  718.384.8000
    Arecibo: 718.783.6465
    Bushwick: 718.821.6991

  • Nearest hardware store?

    Oriental Lumber
    154 Flushing Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11237-1747
    (718) 386-8200

  • Nearest supermarket?

    Hana Natural
    24 Wyckoff Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11237
    (718) 417-7747

    C Town
    72 Wyckoff Ave
    (between Willoughby Ave & Suydam St)
    Brooklyn, NY 11237
    (718) 417-8010